Since 50 years, Marca Group is specialized in high quality mold design for thermoplastics molding.


Marca s.r.l. has different press machines to cover the request from 10 to 250 tons (0,1 to 300 g.) using automatic feeding, robot for handling, centralized dehumidification and dryer.

THERMOPLASTIC MATERIALS: Marca transforms all kinds of plastic material as: PE [polyethylene], PP [polypropylene] PC [polycarbonate] ABS [Acrilon.-Butadiene-Styrene], PS [polystyrene] POM [acetal] PPO [Polyphenylene], PUR [polyurethane] PMMA [methacrylate], PET [polyethylene terephthalate] PA6-PA66-PA46-PA12-PA6.10-PA10.10 [Nylon] TPEE [Polyester elastomers], LCD [liquid crystal] PBT [polybutadiene terephthalate], PPS [Polyphenylene-sulfide] PSU [Polysulphone], PPA [Polyphthalamide] PAA [Polyarylammid], PEEK [Polietheretherketone] ...

THERMOSETTING DEPARTMENT: Our thermosetting department has been equipped with different machineries for the injection molding (from 50 to 150 tons). They work using both technologies: transfer and compression.

THERMOSETS MATERIALS: Epoxy, phenolic and polyester.